AKA Reacts To Burna Boy’s Grammy Loss (Here’s what he said )

South African Rapper has reacted to after Nigerian singer, lost to Angelina Kidjo at the 62nd Grammy awards show.

Grammy announced Kidjo as the winner of Best World Music Album award category dashing the hopes of many Nigerians that have stayed up to celebrate his victory and the giant leap for Nigerian music but unfortunately, Angelina Kidjo won the Grammy award category.
As soon as the news broke, trolls stormed ’s Twitter page to hear what he will say about the loss suffered.
With the Grammies over and going home, many expect to express excitement.

He tweeted:
“I never hated . All I did was stand up for my country. I think it’s time to move past this narrative. It’s tired. Like I said, even a nomination is a huge achievement”.

He added:
“What you should have done is focus on the positive instead of thinking about me and my country. In any case, Burna is still a champion. We still consider him a winner”.



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