Burna Boy Kicks A Fan Out Of His Show For Not Dancing [Watch Video]

The reigning BET Best international act, in his show yesterday demonstrated one of the reasons he’s one of the best act from Nigeria. The artist who is been docked as the heir to the late Fela Anikulapo music brand by fans demonstrated the baba seventy trait in him.

At his live performance on stage yesterday, Burna Boy the African Giant got mad at a fan for not putting on an encouraging smile and returned his money for giving him bad energy. The fan was single out by the singer for not appreciating his act and asked security to remove him from the front role to the back, or taken off the premises after he had refunded his ticket payment.

Here is the video of the event as it occurs;

In later development, the fan was later invited on stage to dance with him, and given the pleasure to shutdown the show by the artist. With Burna, there is always a twist, never say never.

If you’re the fan, how would you have felt, and what will your reaction be?

Is what Burna did justified?



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