I Truly Regret Selling My Soul To The Illuminati – Lady Gaga

Popstar, Lady Gaga recently spoke openly about her relationship and deals with the occult Illuminati organization.
It seems that now regrets the adherence to this evil organization. Lady Gaga believes that the chronic illness she is suffering is actually the physical confrontation of the evil forces that have begun to take control of her body.

The artist entered the dark forces of Illuminati when she was young. She sold her soul for fame and money. It seems that after having made that pact with Illuminati, was left possessed by an evil entity that later attempted to escape through exorcism, but the Catholic priest who did the ritual failed lamentably.

It all seems to have started when, after a small concert, Lady Gaga met a man behind the stage. He stood supported by the wall smoking a cigarette.

Then the mysterious man said, “I think you’ve got what it takes. Do you want it?”
And when asked these about what he was saying, he said, “Everything! Success, Fame, Money, and Power, do you want them all?”

Gaga says she accepted the offer without thinking and donated the soul of the Illuminati secret society. Shortly after this pact, became an international star.
It is important to note that before this pact, was an unknown performer at small events.



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